(CBS DETROIT) – The weather is not the only thing leaving these people heated.

“I would never use fed ex again,” said FedEx customer Tricia Rush.

They’re accusing FedEx Ground in Oak Park of bad customer service and failing to deliver packages on-time.

“We came up here last week. They didn’t have the package and then we’re up here again and she’s saying that the packages are just sitting on trailers so they don’t know when they’re going to come off the trailers,” said FedEx Customer Tiffany Moor.  

Customers say they are fed up with FedEx after numerous attempts to pick-up packages end with disappointment.

“It’s like do I reorder these things or do I wait to receive them but they can’t tell me when I’m going to receive them,” said Moor.

Word about the tardy deliveries was shared on social media where comments of frustrations flooded timelines accusing FedEx Ground of holding-up shipments for weeks.

Tuesday, customers brought their concerns to staff at the Greenfield location looking for answers and packages but walked away with neither.

“Everybody’s so frustrated. It’s like you can’t do nothing. It’s just sitting here and you can’t get your package and they’re not willing to help you,” said Rush.

FedEx corporate officials say the company is working to restore service levels.

The shipping agency released a statement saying in part: FedEx Grounds is experiencing a surge of package volume due to e-commerce growth during the current pandemic that has resulted in temporary service delays for some packages in the Oak Park area. 

Customers are encouraged to continue to track orders online.

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Comments (5)
  1. Trent Steele says:

    This is a fact not an accusation. Our tracking states its been on the fedex truck out for delivery since 5/22 and its now 5/28. The Kernersville, NC hub won’t even pick up the phone. There is no recourse here for customers. This is a box of food and needs to be delivered promptly. In the future, as long as I am given a selection for shipping on websites, I will never use FEDEX ever again!

  2. John Doyle says:

    I’ve had an account with FedEx for 22 years. For the 7th time in two weeks I have a box at FedEx in Oak Park Michigan that is late for delivery. This box should have been delivered over 10 days ago. It has been in Oak Park for 7 days now. Today, I start my new relationship with UPS. At this point it would be impossible for me to ever trust FedEx again

  3. Sean says:

    Issues from Oak Park here as well. Was out on the truck for delivery too days ago, the day the bad storms rolled through. I thought it completely reasonable that it would simply show the next day. Now it’s showing no date available and has been handed off to a third party for delivery. Customer Service can’t track it now. We had another package that was weeks late a couple months ago and were told Oak Park facility had flooded. Don’t know if this is still causing issues but this is ridiculous.

  4. Eileen M Hicks says:

    Package shipped 6/7/20 from Oklahoma to be delivered to Arkansas. Package sitting in Hutchins, Tx, which is northeast Texas, near the Arkansas border since 6/9/20 with no movement. I could drive to Hutchins and get it faster.

  5. Sean Lewis says:

    My business uses FedEx almost exclusively. Most shipments come from CA to MI. Everything goes like clockwork, then it grinds to a halt in Oak Park. I had a 3 box shipment show scheduled delivery date, then changed to pending. 2 weeks later it finally showed at my door. This hub has major problems.

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