(CBS DETROIT) – On Friday, May 29, at 6:00 p.m., a socially distant Detroit Youth Choir will stream their Spring Benefit Concert and Graduation at http://Facebook.com/BillBrownFord. The event will raise funds for the 2020/2021 school year and include a “Bow-Out” ceremony to recognize the eight graduating members of the Choir. COVID-19 had initially forced the DYC to cancel this event, but after hearing this, Bill Brown Ford offered to host the benefit as the 10th performance in their At-Home Concert Series, and they will also be matching the first $2,500 raised and giving a $500 grant to each of the eight graduating seniors.

Detroit Youth Choir Benefit 10th Performance of Bill Brown Ford Concert Series.

Every Friday for the past nine weeks on Bill Brown Ford’s Facebook page, they have hosted a benefit concert for a local Detroit Metro musician struggling and unable to perform live during the pandemic. Over 250,000 people have seen the shows, and they have raised over $10,000 for local musicians.

“We did not want the pandemic to stand in the way of the Detroit Youth Choir’s Spring Benefit Concert and Graduation,” said Matt Garchow, New Vehicles Sales Manager for Bill Brown Ford. “These young people have been such a bright star in our community, and we wanted to help them by hosting this event as part of our At-Home Concert Series, matching the first $2,500 raised and giving each of the eight graduates a $500 grant.”

The Detroit Youth Choir performance and “Bow-Out” ceremony for their eight seniors will take place Friday, May 29, at 6:00 p.m. at http://Facebook.com/BillBrownFord. The Bill Brown Ford Concert Series has been drawing an average crowd of 25,000; more than 50,000 are expected this week to watch the Detroit Youth Choir. A streaming version of the concert and “Bow-Out” ceremony will also be available, and everyone is encouraged to donate to the Detroit Youth Choir at https://bbford.us/DONATE.

“Thanks to Bill Brown Ford’s unending personal and financial commitment to the Detroit Youth Choir, we were able to save our spring graduation benefit concert,” said Daniel Valentine, Program Director for The Detroit Youth Choir. “All of our performers will also be socially distancing throughout the show, which we hope will serve as a great example for young people throughout the Detroit Metro.”

THE DETROIT YOUTH CHOIR: Founded in 1996, is a nonprofit organization that serves young people with music education, dance, and theatrical arts and has maintained a 98% graduation rate.

BILL BROWN FORD: Livonia, MI, is the largest AXZ Plan and Ford Truck dealer, selling more discounted vehicles to Ford employees than any other dealership in the U.S. with the most extensive inventory in Michigan.

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