(CBS DETROIT) – The Jobbie Nooner has been going on for decades and draws thousands of people, and although there’s a global pandemic that didn’t stop the party from happening Friday.

It has been around since the early 80s. Boaters from all over Michigan converge on Lake St. Clair. 

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Credit: Erik Piper

“We have a large number of organizations that are helping us patrol this event, make sure that every bodies safe,” said St. Clair County Undersheriff Matthew Paulus.  

Paulus told our April Morton over the phone, the event will be heavily patrolled, but one thing law enforcement will not enforce, is social distancing. He says they encourage keeping a distance, but that’s hard to do with thousands of people.

“They’re on their own individual boat for the most part. We encourage everybody to be as safe as they can,” he said.

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Credit: Erik Piper

Boaters told our April Morton off camera, they were not concerned about Covid-19, but doctors say, they should be.

“Risk of subsequent Covid infections related to a large gathering of thousands of people, it’s very high,” said Doctor Anurag Malani of Saint Joseph Mercy Health System.

Malani says, there have been similar events in other parts of the county, that resulted in the virus being spread. 

“Testing maybe warranted after attending an event like this,” said Malani.

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Credit: Erik Piper

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