CBS Detroit – Some might say a mullet in the wild is an uncommon sight. With celebrities like Billy Ray Cyrus and Kurt Russel once bringing the hairstyle to pop culture, the style is now viewed by many as a throwback to the ’70s and ’80s. However, a Michigan men’s shop is having a contest to prove the mullet in all of its glorious forms still lives on. Bridge Street Exchange is a menswear shop in Fenton that sells men’s apparel and accessories on South Leroy Street has reached the backstretch of finalists for its “Mullet Man Contest”.

Credit: – Randy Barnaby from Columbiaville has been rocking a 14″ “SilverStreak” of a mullet for 30 years. If he wins he plans to visit his daughters in Texas.

The winner of the mullet Man Contest takes home $500. For second place is Suavecito and Detroit Grooming gift pack, and third place gets a Suavecito T-shirt & Swag pack, and a Detroit Grooming product.

Credit: – Matt “Matty Ice” Beaudoin from Ann Arbor has 5.5″ in the back and calls his style the “Kentucky Waterfall”. He plans to buy super sweet sunglasses if he wins.

The finalists were judged by Uncle Keith from the Machine Shop Concert Lounge in Flint. Bridgestreet Exchange owner, Kevin Begola told MLive that he always sees men with beards and lots of local beard contests. “Then it was like, well, this is really good timing right now because everyone’s letting their hair go,” Begola said. “Even if you didn’t have a mullet going into it, you might have ended up with one.”

Credit: – Matt “Big Country” Deutsch from Casco sports 9.5″ of locks for two years now. He calls his the “Dad Mullet”. If Big Country wins, he hopes to score a years-worth of PBR.

According to Begola, they were not short in demand for contestants as some people drove as far away as Gaylord and Columbiaville to enter. The voting phase for the finalists is underway and you can click here, to vote on your favorite.

Credit: – Thomas “Furch” Furchi of Macomb has 10″ in the back of his “Mullet Mohawk”. He plans to buy dog food and pay bills if he wins.


Credit: – Max Hendrickson of Linden has had his 12″ of a “Sexy Slapper” mullet for two years now. His goal with the winnings is to buy tools.


Credit: – Randy Mosher of Flushing likes it short on top for the summer, and loooong in the back. He has been cultivating his 31″ “Spike” mullet for over 30 years.


Credit: – Mike “X-Ray” Paris of Clio sports a 9.5″ Kentucky Waterfall. He has been growing his mullet for a year now. He plans to get buy some Harley parts if he wins.


Credit: – Josiah Rabine of New Haven has a 10″ mullet he calls “My Mane”. His goal from the proceeds if he wins is to stock his fridge and donate what’s left.


Credit: – Matt Zamora from Burton has what he calls a standard mullet with 6″ in the back. While he has been letting his hair go before the Coronavirus Pandemic, if he wins he plans to use the proceeds towards a 2020 Road Glide.


Credit: – Brian who calls Saginaw his home, and goes by “Big Country” has been growing his 9″ mullet for 10 months now. He describes his mullet as simply “The Best”. If Brian wins, he plans to use the $500 grand prize on PBR, fireworks, and bad decisions.

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