(CBS DETROIT) – Although protests have continued daily in Detroit, things seemed to slow down a bit. But after a police-involved shooting last week in the city, demonstrators are once again hitting the streets.

Protests against police brutality in the city have been going on for more than 45 days. Now, protesters say they’re circling past some of Detroit City Council Members’ homes in order to have their voices heard.

“Our words just don’t seem to be heard, and so we gotta make ourselves more present,” said Detroit Will Breathe organizer Tristan Taylor.

Since May 29, protests against police brutality and racial injustices have been taking place in Detroit daily, in some capacity. Most recently demonstrators were protesting the death of 20-year-old Hakim Littleton, who was shot and killed by police on July 10.

It happened in the area of McNichols and San Juan, on the city’s westside.

Taylor says his organization met with Littleton’s family Sunday.

“And we talked about the tape and what it means to have different responses to incidents where there’s like tension and conflict,” he said.

Dash cam and body cam footage of the shooting was released by Chief James Craig just hours after Littleton was killed. Craig stated the shooting was justified because Littleton shot at police first.

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That didn’t stop demonstrators from protesting this past weekend.

Now they will drive by the homes of city council members Scott Benson and Roy McCalister Jr.

Their message Monday: all charges be dropped against demonstrators who were arrested during all the recent protests.

“We’ve been calling for weeks on resolutions around getting the charges dropped against protesters,” said Taylor.

He says the councilmen are holding up a resolution to drop the charges.

CW50 News at 10 reached out to both Benson and McCalister for comment and did not receive a response as of Monday afternoon.

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