CBS Detroit – With the University of Michigan starting fall classes soon, the university has taken steps to protect its staff, students, and campus. One of those changes is beginning immediately will require all students, faculty, staff, and visitors to wear a mask on all campus grounds and campus locations. The policy released Wednesday says these areas are in all indoor buildings, all UofM transportation, and outside on campus grounds. As “it is difficult on a busy university campus to maintain distance from groups even while outdoors, so requiring face coverings outdoors will help slow the spread of the virus”, said the release from UofM President Mark Schlissel.

Credit: CBS Detroit | Charles Forbes – University of Michigan Law School.

Exceptions to the new mask policy would be when alone in a single private office or residence hall with the door closed, eating and drinking while maintaining social distancing, alone in a vehicle, children under 5, those with disabilities, engaged in physical activities while social distancing, communicating with the hearing impaired, speaking to an audience, or receiving a service where temporary removal of masks is necessary.

UofM has also set up a COVID-19 Campus Challenge that gets creative ideas from students on COVID-19 related issues. A lot of the fall semester classes will be held remotely and in small classes.

Other universities across the country are adopting similar policies like the University of Oklahoma, Michigan State University, and The Ohio State University to name a few. This policy also comes after Governor Gretchen Whitmer has enforced the mask executive order, making it so all Michigan residents must wear a mask that now includes crowded indoor and outdoor spaces. Violation of the executive order is a $500 misdemeanor.

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