By Andy Cotitsas

(CBS Detroit)  – “The Drew Barrymore Show” is set to debut on CBS 62, and in more than 95 percent of the country this fall. CBS 62 caught up with Executive Producer Barrymore to discuss her show, Detroit, and the familiar-looking t-shirt she wore on the cover of InStyle Magazine.

CBS 62: “Tell us why you like this shirt?

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DB: I love the slogan. The InStyle August issue is their badass women issue, and I love seeing ‘badass’ in a joyful context, like on this cover with a smile, a peace sign, and a shirt that says, ‘Good news.’

CBS 62: “What do you think is cool about Detroit?”

DB: In 2009, we filmed “Whip It” in and around Detroit, and I saw a lot of the state. I know it quite well as I lived in Ann Arbor for six months. I loved the Majestic in Detroit. We rented a barge and went all over the Detroit river; it was incredible. I also went back for part of my book tour a few years ago; I just love the people there!

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CBS 62: “Tell us a little about your new show coming this fall.”

DB: I keep calling it ‘Optimism TV,’ bringing humor and heart to daytime this fall. Our show will be a show that celebrates every part of humanity. I like human-interest stories that highlight wonderful and funny things that people are doing out in the world.

CBS 62: “What makes your show different from other talk shows?”

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DB: We have a segment on the show we are doing called “Drew’s News,” I’m such a news and pop-culture junkie, but sometimes things are just conveyed very negatively. There is a way to look at life that is aware and current but also diverse.