By Bria Brown

DETROIT, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) – Detroit residents will get a chance to consider Proposal N for Neighborhoods on the Nov. 3 ballot after being approved by the Detroit City Council July 21.

Proposal N plans to address 16,000 vacant houses in Detroit through rehabilitation or demolition. If approved by voters, it would allow the Detroit to sell $250 million in Neighborhood Improvement Bonds.

Here’s what Proposal N focuses on:

Rehabbing 8,000 vacant houses that are structurally sound
Plans call for securing roughly 8,000 structurally sound houses by cleaning them out, installing secure exterior coverings over doors and windows, and doing roof repairs, for example, to prevent further water damage.

Demolishing houses that can not be saved
There are 14,000 houses in the city that require demolition.  Proposal N will help demolish approximately 8,000 over the next 3 – 5 years.  The city will continue to seek other sources of funds to complete the balance of the demolitions.

Employing Detroiters and Growing Detroit Businesses in Construction-Related Industry
The proposal includes specific stipulations to give preference to Detroit-based and Detroit-headquartered companies, such as 30% set aside in the bidding process and extension of the Executive Order requiring 51% of all work hours to be performed by Detroiters. In addition, the contracts must be approved by City Council.

Detroiters will potentially see no increase in property taxes
If the $250 million in bonds can be sold, City officials expect that it will not cause an increase in Detroiters’ property taxes. Instead of individuals getting a $29 reduction in taxes next year, the City can leave taxes where they are today and utilize resources to preserve the houses that can be saved and demolish those that can’t be saved.

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