(CNN) – Genatek Global designed and produced a new machine in Fenton that screens for Covid-19.

It was unveiled at the Fireplace Restaurant Monday.

“It’s called the GT-1000. It’s a global unveiling of the very first machine ever being used now that kills 99% of all pathogens,” said Joe Gilbert of Fireplace Restaurant.

The facial recognition machine detects whether the potential diner’s wearing a face mask, giving the customer a no-touch temperature reading, then automatically dispensing hand sanitizer when approved. It’s followed by an optional full-body sanitation mist the company says kills 99% of pathogens. The mixture, they say is FDA approved.

“The market really needed a solution to be able to safely allow people to get back to some level of normalcy in their lives,” said Johnny Cooper of Geneatek Global LLC.

The GT-1000 in development since December, engineered and designed as a walk-through unit for providing the most useful information at a building entry, individual temperature face mask compliance and disinfecting sanitation. The trial, the company says is going well.

“I was there today, watching folks come through, answering questions and everybody thought it was just super, i really was surprised at the response.”

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