By Matt Christopherson

St. Johns, MI (CBS Detroit) – A St. John Bed & Breakfast has removed a Norwegian Flag that has flown outside the home because of confusion with the confederate flag.

Both flags have the same colors but have a different design.

The owners said they were getting a lot of angry calls and emails over the flag.

They decided to take it down because it was hurting their business.

Kjersten Offbecker, the bed & breakfast owner said, “When we did our photography over, I said ‘we need to take it down,’ which he was opposed to, he was like ‘people should know the difference’ and I was like ‘they should, but they don’t.’ (butted to) But the damage was done, I came down, I was like ‘I’m done, I’m tired of people mistaking us for this.”

The owners are trying to figure out how they can honor their Norwegian heritage without upsetting the residents.

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Matt Christopherson

  1. Michael Skaggs says:

    Get an even larger Confederate Battle Flag.

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