Having a beautiful and well cared for yard takes a bit of planning and time. But time is something that many Michigan homeowners are lacking when it comes to all that yard work.

Although many outdoor chores are easy enough for you to tackle on your own, why not leave garden and yard maintenance to a professional landscaper? When you hire a landscape contractor, instead of spending hours mowing the grass and pulling weeds, you’ll have more time to enjoy with your family and friends.

Still another benefit of hiring someone else to keep the outside of your house looking great is that a well-maintained garden and yard can increase the value of your home by up to $15,000.

Here’s a list of gardening, landscaping, and lawn care services to get your yard looking its best:

Garden Mulch

Credit:Shutterstock.com | OzCameraman – Mulch adds nutrients to the soil and can help to control weeds. Plus it adds beauty to the landscaping.

Adding mulch to your flower beds and other garden areas is a good way to improve the soil and provide more nutrients to the plants. Different types of mulches are available depending on when and where you want to use it.

The average cost of mulching your garden each year is $220.

Hedge Maintenance

Credit: Shutterstock.com | Martin Bilek – Neatly trimmed hedges add curb appeal and value to your home.

For best results, the installation and maintenance of hedges are best left to a qualified landscaper.
Hire a professional to have your hedge installed and planted. Cost per shrub will vary depending on plant type:

  • For shorter hedges, choose dwarf oleander or Indian hawthorn: $20 per plant.
  • For taller hedges, choose Japanese yew or wax myrtle: $30 per plant.

Pruning and trimming hedges and other shrubs require some experience to optimize growth and keep them well-shaped. When you hire a contractor to trim your hedges, the cost will average $6 to $8 for each shrub or $60 to $75 per hour. Most landscapers will also charge you about $25 for the disposal of hedge cuttings.

Leave garden and yard maintenance to a pro. Call a landscape contractor in Michigan.

Tree Removal

Credit: Shutterstock.com | Jorge Salcedo – Tree removal can be a major liability to a homeowner, and perhaps the neighbors. Calling a licensed, bonded, and insured professional arborist will make sure the tree is removed properly.

Removal of trees from your yard can range from simple to complex depending on the size of each tree and how many you need to remove. You’ll require an assessment and a permit before you can remove trees from your property.

Assessments will typically cost $150 per hour. Labor can cost up to $2,000 for complicated tree removal jobs.


Credit: Shutterstock.com | Simon Kadula – Let’s face it. Weeds are stubborn things and are a chore to keep on top of. Some may find weeding back-breaking. Hiring a professional gives you time to do more enjoyable things.

It doesn’t take much for weeds to take over your yard, killing both grass and plants in your garden. Stay on top of weed problems by hiring a gardener to do the job for you.

The average cost per hour for weed removal is $30 so you can expect to pay anywhere from $120 to $150 to have your entire yard weeded and looking good.

Lawn Maintenance and Mowing

Credit: Shutterstock.com | ilove – Lawn mowing depending on the size of the yard can take time. A pro will not only mow your lawn, but edge and trim, blow away debris and possibly even include fertilizer and grub control as part of a maintenance package.

Mowing your lawn can be extremely time-consuming when you factor in mowing, trimming, weeding, and sidewalk edging. Save precious time by talking to a HomeAdvisor garden care professional for package deals and specific costs for lawn mowing.

Fertilizing and Lawn Care

Credit: shutterstock.com | The Toidi – Fertilizing your lawn periodically will keep it green and beautiful. A pro will keep on top of it to ensure it is done at the right intervals with the right mix to benefit your particular grass and climate.

Keep your lawn looking green and lush by fertilizing regularly and giving the grass the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Consult with a professional landscape contractor about the type of fertilizer that’s best for your lawn and for a price breakdown of hiring a pro to fertilize for you.

Garden Maintenance

Credit: shutterstock.com | Neirfy – A properly planned flower garden can add beauty that lasts throughout the growing season.

If you love the look of a beautiful flower garden in your yard, consider hiring a qualified landscaper. A professional can help design the perfect garden for your home and help you choose the right flowers for your climate.

For layout design, planting flowers, and maintenance tips a specialized gardener will charge anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000.
If you want to do the designing yourself, you can still hire a gardener to buy the flowers and do the planting for you. With a markup of about 25% on the plants purchased, the average cost of installation is about $45 per hour.

Have the beautiful garden and yard you’ve always wanted. Contact a HomeAdvisor landscaping contractor in Michigan.

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