By Matt Christopherson

(CBS Detroit ) – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is calling lawmakers back from vacation to vote on a bill to stop changes to the US Postal Service before the election.

Many Democratic lawmakers including Michigan US Senator Gary Peters want answers from USPS.

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Peters said, “It’s absolutely critical that we have a hearing and hear from the postmaster as well as the chairman of the board.”

Peters wants answers from postmaster general Louis DeJoy and chairman of the Postal Service Board of Governors Robert Duncan.

Peters said, “We have seen in the last couple of weeks, the performance in terms of on time delivery of the mail has gone down dramatically. We understand it’s the result of new procedures that have been put in place that are delaying the mail and it’s absolutely critical that we fix this.

Peters is a member of the committee that oversees the postal service. The Senator from Michigan says that over the last week, he’s received nearly seven thousand complaints from people who are seeing abnormal delays of their mail.

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Peters said, “I’ve heard from a woman who talked about when she orders prescription drugs from the Veterans Administration it normally takes 3 days for her to get it. This last request took 13 days to get to her, and her husband missed doses. That’s clearly unacceptable. We’re hearing cases like that all across the state.”

President Trump supports the changes DeJoy has made, saying those changes will make the postal service less costly.

The steps that he’s taking are trying to stop the tremendous losses that have taken place for many years. He’s trying to streamline the post office and make it great again.

Peters says congress has heard of changes like reduction in postal workers hours, the removal of mail collection boxes and shortages of stamps, and other materials.

Peters tells me he wants sworn testimony from DeJoy and Duncan by the end of this week.

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Matt Christopherson