CBS Detroit – In January, Hometown Life reported Futa Sakamoto pleaded guilty to charges of video voyeurism of an unclothed person and eavesdropping at an Aqua-Tots swim school in Canton. During the investigation police also found recordings made in a Tanning Room at Planet Fitness.

Police were called to the Aqua-Tots after a woman complained she saw a recording device capturing her in a changing stall and reported it to staff. Sakamoto was arrested for allegedly using a hidden camera. They found the memory card to his phone in the toilet in which they suspect he put there.

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According to WWJ-Newsradio, Sakamoto was charged with three total counts of capturing a disturbing image of unclothed person,a five-year felony. Surveilling an unclothed person a two-year felony, and eaves-dropping/installing/using a device to observe, record, photograph, also a two-year felony.

Aqua-Tots representatives released a statement saying “Currently, this is what we know: The camera was the personal property of the parent. There were no recording devices installed at the school by the parent. There is no evidence of any recording filmed at our Aqua-Tots Swim School.”

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In a Third District Court Sakamoto pleaded guilty and told Judge Kelly Ramsey, “I will keep trying to become a trustworthy man, a great father, a great husband and a great friend, and a co-worker,” he said when apologizing in February. “I hope my victims can someday forgive me.”

Sakamoto, who is 44, was sentenced to five years probation for the charges against him. He could have faced 9 years in prison.

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