CBS Detroit – It was 84 years ago when Bob Wian sold his prized DeSoto Roadster to pursue the American dream of his own business. He took the money and bought a hamburger stand in Glendale, California, and named it Bob’s Pantry. Six months later he sliced a bun three ways and added two patties to it and created the very first double-decker burger.

The burger took off and customers flocked in to get Bob’s new creation. One customer couldn’t get enough, he was a chubby six-year-old named Richard Woodruff. His devotion to the double-decker burger inspired Bob to name it after him, and the iconic Big Boy that we know now came to be after his nickname for Richard.

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Credit: – The original Bob’s Pantry in Glendale, CA.

The Big Boy burger craze that ensued prompted Bob to change the stand’s name to Bob’s Big Boy and introduced the now-famous Big Boy mascot. Now headquartered Cinncinatti, there are 72 Big Boy locations in Michigan, Ohio, North Dakota, and California.

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To celebrate this American success, Big Boy is kicking off its 84th Anniversary with Big Boy day on August 26th. Where patrons can get a carryout, curbside, or car hop order of the original Big Boy double-decker that started it all for only 84 cents, with the purchase of a Pepsi product.

Credit: | Big Boy

People who sign up for the “i love Big Boy” email club can also get a free meal on their anniversary, and their birthday.

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