By Bria Brown

(WNEM) — The election is just six weeks away and preparations are underway to make sure it all goes smoothly.

With record numbers of absentee and mail-in voting expected, questions over security of the ballots have been raised.

“We have several people that are in retirement homes or something like that,” said Tim Krzeszewski, Swan Creek Township clerk.

Krzeszewski said there are ways to help people who have trouble handwriting so that they can register to vote.

“Somebody can help them fill in the ballots, but they have to sign their name on there too that you have helped this person. You know, verify who you are and what you did,” Krzeszewski said.

Once voters are registered, Krzeszewski said there is a measure in place to make sure no one casts their ballot twice. It’s called an electronic qualified voter file.

“We record what ballot number they sent out, when it was sent out, and when it was received. So when somebody comes in to vote, we can their license through a scanner code and it brings up everything and it says this person has an AV ballot out already,” he said.

Krzeszewski said that person would have to bring their absentee ballot back to the clerk’s office and void it. The individual won’t be given a second ballot until the first one is disqualified.

He wants to remind all registered voters using the absentee option to return their ballots through the mail or in person as soon as possible.

“The biggest thing is getting your ballot back in time. As soon as you get it, fill it out. Think about it, send it in. Don’t wait until the last day,” Krzeszewski said.

Absentee ballots will start hitting mailboxes in Michigan on Thursday. They can be returned by mail or in person at your clerk’s office or drop boxes.

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