(CBS DETROIT) – Instead of spreading germs – spread holiday cheer by keeping your loved one’s hands protected. Introducing the new No Knob.™  Perfect for now.  Perfect for the holidays.

Designed to make it easier to keep hands clean and germ-free while on-the-go, the No Knob™ is an antimicrobial, self-closing touch guard that fully protects hands from harmful germs on public surfaces.

Pink Camo No Knob

Kid’s Doggy No Knob

Crisis inspired invention
“The idea for No Knob™ was hatched when our sister tested positive for Covid-19 at the onset of the pandemic.  Another family member – a retired trauma surgeon was called back to the frontline of the busiest Covid ICU in the country – was also at risk.  Keeping ourselves germ-free was not just necessary, it was critical,”  said Dorothy Govan, Chief Customer Officer, Cadeaux, LLC – distributor of No Knob.™

The No Knob ™  is a safe and easy tool that is used to grab and turn knobs, pull handles, grip railings – you name it – without coming into contact with germs. The flexible silicone design allows you to comfortably slip 3-4 fingers into the front and your thumb into the back – and you’re covered. Fixed to a retractable cord, the No Knob can be clipped to belt loops, purses, backpacks, ID lanyards and even your keychain.

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Fashionable PPE
“I try to match my No Knob ™ with my outfit.  In fact, I wore my pink camo No Knob ™ and pink camo No Knob Mask with jeans and a t-shirt.  Who thought PPE could become a fashion accessory?” remarked Ms. Govan.

This women-owned business out of Detroit, MI is working hand-over-fist, to keep all of us protected from germs.

A self-described germaphobe
“I was a germaphobe before COVID-19 hit – but now I am hyper germ aware. My husband and I both keep a No Knob in our car to use at the gas pump…I don’t even want to think what germs are lurking there! No Knob™ makes me feel like I am doing my part to not only protect myself but also avoid sharing my germs with others,” said Ms. Govan.

Unlike the disposable masks, gloves and wipes that are wasteful and littered everywhere, the No Knob is washable and reusable. Additionally, No Knob ™ is hypoallergenic, latex-free and great for sensitive skin.

Silver naturally stops germs from growing and has been used in medicine and wound care for centuries.  The No Knob ™ silicone is infused with silver ion technology so it is constantly working to keep No Knob ™  germ free.

Sustainable sister-act
We are a mom-owned company.  My sisters and I insisted on creating a product that was sustainable.  The No Knob ™ can be cleaned with soapy water and reused over and over again.  Or unhook it from the retractor and put it in the dishwasher.   The antimicrobial silver ion technology will last a lifetime,” commented Ms. Govan.

No Knob ™ is available in a variety of sizes and designs, including camouflage and leopard.  There is also a No Knob ™ for little ones – age 3-8.  Froggy, Kitty and Doggy help teach kids the importance of good hand hygiene.  Did we mention No Knob has coordinating masks to match?

No Knob ™ is available to purchase now at noknob.com. Planning to be the stocking stuffer of the year – No Knob  touch guard is priced at $19.99 and the matching No Knob masks sell for $15.99.

For more information about No Knob,™ or to place corporate orders, email info@noknob.com.


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