By April Morton

(CBS DETROIT)- Clinton Township officials hoping the elections office is able to reopen at full capacity Friday, after abruptly shutting down Wednesday afternoon.

Three employees testing positive for Covid-19 was the cause for the sudden closure.

Early Thursday, the office was able to process a few emergency absentee ballots.

But down three employees whom were out due to testing positive for Covid-19, the office was not functioning at full capacity. Kim Meltzer, The Township Clerk is among those testing positive.

Clinton two clerk

Photo Credit-Kim Meltzer



“She herself is quite ill and is doing everything she can to get the elections division open once again.” Says Bob Cannon the Townships Supervisor

Cannon says the clerks office is having the State assist in providing temporary workers, while the remaining employees are tested for Covid-19.


“That are schooled at how to do this to help in the election department so we can process as many people as we want to. We’re not going to take a chance of somebody not having the chance to vote or who is disenfranchised.”


Cannon says the Clerk’s office is being sanitized throughly and expected to be fully operational Friday, but voters should expect possible longer wait times.


He says absentee ballots can also be dropped off in one of the 8 collection boxes around the Township. Including one at the Township’s Municipal building.