By April Morton

(CBS DETROIT)– The long awaited ordinance announced by Mayor Duggan and City Councilman James Tate today, will allow adult use recreational marijuana in the city, as well gives incentives for Detroiters who are interested in the industry.



In November 2018 Detroiters voted to legalize recreational pot in the city. After spending the past year and a half working on an ordinance, city Councilman James Tate revealed the proposed amendment today.




“The same plant that so many of our sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, found themselves locked up in our city. Is the same plant that so many people is making a pretty decent lifestyle off of.” Says Tate


Ten different types of recreational marijuana licenses will be issued ranging from 7 types of pot businesses, to event organizers. A total of 75 licenses will be available for provisioning centers. With 50 percent of all license types being reserved for long-term Detroit residents.


“Which has been disproportionally impacted by the war on drugs has a fair chance at opportunities that the cannabis industry has to offer.”

Through the social equity program listed in the legislation, Detroit Legacy applicants will have significant preference, discounts on land, and other incentives. Those individuals must currently reside in Detroit and have lived in the city for 15 of the last 30 years.


Those residents who are low income or have a marijuana conviction will have extra incentives and financial assistance available to them.

“There have been too many barriers that have kept Detroiters from even participating in the market.” says Detroit’s Mayor Mike Duggan


According to a press release from the city…

Detroit’s recreational license program will be administered according to five key principles:

1. Detroit Legacy applicants will get a minimum of 50% of all newly created recreational marijuana business licenses issued in Detroit.

2. No license will be issued to any recreational business if it reduces the number of licenses issued to Detroit Legacy applicants below 50%.

3. There will be a six-week exclusive early licensing period for Detroit Legacy applicants.

4. Detroit Legacy applicants will be able to purchase city-owned land at 25% of fair market value.

5. The City will work with philanthropy and private lenders to develop sources of funding and expertise to back Detroit-owned marijuana business start-ups.


The ordinance will still go through a series of public hearings as well needs approval from city council.


For more information about the adult-use marijuana ordinance or the social equity program component, reach out to or visit