By Bria Brown

DETROIT (AP) — Chief Justice Bridget McCormack was leading the pack Wednesday in a seven-candidate race for two seats on the Michigan Supreme Court.

McCormack had nearly 32% of the vote, followed by Elizabeth Welch at 19.5%, with 82% of the statewide vote counted.

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The two top finishers will win election to the state’s highest court.

Mary Kelly, who was nominated by the Republican Party, was running third with 17.6%. Brock Swartzle, another GOP nominee, was fourth.

Supreme Court candidates don’t have party designations next to their name, but McCormack had the advantage of being listed as a current justice. She also has been praised for leading the statewide court system as chief justice through the coronavirus pandemic.

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McCormack and Welch were Democratic nominees and ran as a team, appearing in TV ads and on billboards. If they win, justices who had the blessing of the Democratic Party will have a 4-3 majority on the court.

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