CBS Detroit – A former city councilman from Wayne is charged with another man for allegedly planting drugs and a starter pistol in a city employee’s vehicle. In a report by Hometown Life, Christopher Sanders of Wayne was charged Thursday in 35th District Court. He waived a preliminary exam and his case has been bound over to the Third District Court in Detroit, where he will appear in November.

Jimmie Lee Chandler of Van Buren Twp. will be sentenced for one of three counts of making a false report of a felony, which Sanders also faces. According to Hometown life, Chandler pleaded guilty to one count and the other two have been dismissed.

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According to The Wayne Dispatch, Sanders and Chandler tried to entrap a female city employee by planting a starter pistol that fired blanks and fake drugs in her car. Then after watching her leave, Chandler proceeded to call 911 on her. He claimed a fake road rage incident by her and described her vehicle. The woman was never stopped by police, however she discovered the fake drugs and pistol in her glove box, notifying the City of Wayne Police. After an investigation by the Michigan State Police, Sanders and Chandler was arrested. They were both charged by Wayne County Prosecutor Kim Worthy in September.

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The Detroit News reports that residents launched a recall of Sanders, and on May 5th he was recalled in a 928-359 vote. Councilman Jeremiah Webster took his place representing the City of Wayne’s Ward 1.

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