By April Morton

(CBS DETROIT)-Three days after the Presidential election and Trump supporters still out protesting in front of the TCF building in downtown Detroit, asking for ballots in Michigan to be recounted.


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The crowd of a few hundred Trump supporters were peaceful early Friday as the chanting, “four more years.” The supporters continue to protest in front of the TCF building where thousands of mail in ballots were counted. The crowd angry at the outcome of the election in Michigan, and says they don’t trust the mail in ballot system or the handling of ballots that were counted.



“We don’t know where it came from, you know, sure it came in from the mail but from where, who filled it out, so I have problems with the mail in process.” Says Trump supporter Kerry Smith, who attended today rally.



Smith is from Ohio and says it was important for him to come to Michigan for what he and Trump supporters out here think had fraudulent ballot counts, although that has not been proven.


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Julie Burtch counted ballots at TCF as an election inspector, and says these claims are ridiculous.

“The reason I find this insulting is because we were paid to do a job, we were trained to do our job we took oaths to do our job and we dedicated 33 hours to doing that job counting and protecting those ballots.”


Burtch says every ballot they received went through a verification process.

Early Friday Michigan’s Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson posted the following on her twitter page concerning ballots…

“The count involves so many steps, so many layers of double-checking and supervision, that it would be virtually impossible to fake even a single ballot.”




In Michigan a candidate can ask for a recount if they have a reasonable chance of winning the election. Joe Biden beat President Trump in the state by nearly 150 thousand votes.

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April Morton