By Matt Christopherson

CBS is calling on Detroit Lions fans to celebrate the Lions. We need you to submit their video showing how you are the ultimate fan!

Record a brief message on your phone or share photos that showcase their devotion to their team.

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These fan-generated videos will be featured on tv.

Messages Ideas Include:

  • Pre-game and Game Day rituals: show how you tailgate, show off your lucky jersey, explain one of your superstitions
  • Shout out the name of your team: “My team is ___________!”
  • Cheer your team while sporting face paint or team gear or helmet
  • Tell why you’re a big fan
  • Tell why you’re most excited about having football back
  • Toss a football in your yard
  • Follow little kids wearing big helmets running with a football
  • Wave a foam finger
  • Smack talk your favorite rivalry (in family-friendly language)
  • Explain how you will be enjoying football this season while social distancing (back yard big screen? Block party? Watching in the driveway with neighbors?)
  • Pets dressed in team merchandise
  • Vintage photos showing your history as a fan


  • Shoot with your device held horizontally
  • Hold your device at eye level
  • Center yourself in the frame
  • Try to get your full upper body in the shot
  • Have your full head in the shot If possible, have someone else shoot.
  • You can also shoot with your arm extended directly in front of you


  • Do not hold your device vertically
  • Do not hold your device above you, aiming down
  • Do not hold your device low, aiming up

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  • Click on the UPLOAD HERE link below when you are ready to share your footage/ images.
  • Under the title, please include WWJ-TV in the local station call letter, followed by your name and team.
  • Under Notes, include your full name, phone number, and email address.


Matt Christopherson