By Bria Brown

MICHIGAN (CBS DETROIT) – The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services announced 11,511 coronavirus cases in the state and an additional 65 deaths Monday.

Monday’s daily case count represents new referrals of confirmed cases to the MDSS since Saturday, Nov. 21. Over the two days, Sunday and Monday, the average number of new confirmed cases is ~5755 per day.

This brings the state total of COVID-19 cases to 314,216 and 8,543 deaths as of Nov. 23.


In the state as of Nov. 23, there has been a total of 152,267 recovered cases of Covid-19.

For the latest numbers, visit here. They are updated daily with coronavirus updates included as of 3 p.m.

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Comments (3)
  1. Keith Kowalski says:

    oh what a shock. it’s coming to those “it’l never come here” places. Be smart people.

  2. Keith Kowalski says:

    it might help to ad where the new cases are coming from?

  3. Barbara Helms says:

    Isn’t this good news? The number of cases are increasing and the death curve is flattening? Isn’t that a sign of herd immunity?

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