(CBS Detroit)– Over three hundred thousand people in Michigan are listed as recovered from COVID-19. The states website defines this as those 30 days out from the onset of the illness. Although, for Chris Long of Clarkston, he says it’s been 10 months, and recovery, seems to be nowhere in sight.

“My apartment door to the front door is maybe 10 steps, by the time I get out those 10 steps I have to sit down on the stairs and take a rest.”

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Long says this is just one task he’s struggled with since being diagnosed with COVID-19. Standing at 6 foot 7 and being athletic all of his life, he says COVID has stuck him down.

“I keep getting what they call glass lung disease where the fibrosis in my lungs is starting to build up to the point where my breathing is tremendously reduced.”

Since being diagnosed with COVID back in early March, Long has been hospitalized a total of 9 times.

“I was put in the ICU 5 times and then I was put in the CDU 4 times.”

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Long has been under the care of Dr. Benjamin Diaczok with St. Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital in Pontiac

“Mr. Long has got a severe case of this, he’s an example of an extreme case, but there are a lot of patients coming in with little nagging persistent symptoms many months after their acute infection.”

Doctor Diaczok says, they’re putting Long through several tests to figure out why his lingering symptoms are so severe.

Meanwhile, Long says he doesn’t want sympathy, he just wants people to understand how he and other COVID long-haulers are suffering.

“When people ask for help, they’re not whining they’re not crying they’re not looking for a hand out their hurting.”

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