By April Morton

(CBS DETROIT) – As ice continues to accumulate on lake St. Clair, a flood warning remains in effect for businesses and residents in the area. For nearly a week ice cutters like the Samuel Risley vessel has been breaking up ice along the lake in St. Clair County.

Mark White, the Deputy Director of St. Clair County Homeland Security and Emergency Management says, dropped temperatures and high winds over the past couple weeks, caused the ice to pile up, causing major blockage.

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“It actually jammed just around the Algonac Clay Township area which is just before the Delta system gets into Lake St. Clair.”

White says that ice pile up has caused major flooding for businesses and residents along the river. One area still being affecting by flooding is East China Township.

“That is considered major flooding just as how high the water levels have gotten right around that 580 plus range.”

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Residents in this area wishing to remain anonymous say many of them are dealing with flooded basements and will have significant and costly damage.

White says in addition to the cutters breaking through the ice to help with the water flow, they are working with several local and National partners to help prevent any more flooding.

Right now, the flood warning is set to expire in the morning on Tuesday, Feb. 9.

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April Morton