By Matt Christopherson

(CNN) – A Wisconsin mayor is pushing to get a statue of Robocop moved to his city.

He’s a fan of the film franchise… But more significantly… The movie has a connection to Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

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the Detroit-based artist’s “imagination station” just completed the statue but its home is “to be determined”.

Mayor Mike Wiza from Stevens Point, WI said, “I reached out, I started talking to people and trying to figure out, who do I talk to say, ‘hey, bring it to Stevens Point. We’d love to have a statue of Robocop in Peter Weller’s hometown.’ And of course, social media blew upon it.”

It may not be that easy.

the artists who created the sculpture are working to keep it in Detroit and are closing in on a deal.

Wiza said, “They didn’t say it was a done deal. So we’re still there’s still a little bit of hope that the artists will see the significance of having this statue in Peter Weller’s home town.”

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Should the statue stay where it currently is the mayor has alternatives in mind, options include 3-d printing a statue or reusing grocery bags to create the sculpture using recycled materials.

Wiza said, “I’ve been working Greg Wright over at CREATE Portage County. And if this one doesn’t work out, I think we might have another opportunity to do something, in my opinion, even cooler.”

As much as they hope to obtain the original statue, they told me creating one would be fun for the community.

Greg Wright, CREATE Portage County Executive said, “We think it would be fun to rally the community around trying to build our own. And so we have some equipment at the idea center we can use to do that and a couple of different strategies we think we could take to make something.”

The mayor is hopeful a statue of Robocop would boost tourism in the area.

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