The headlines about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine have been everywhere so it’s important to know the signs of a blood clot you should be on the lookout for. Typically, when we think of blood clots, we’re talking about the ones that come from our legs, they form there.  They have symptoms like swelling or pain in your leg, red or discolored skin over the area, and a feeling of warmth. With this type of blood clot, it travels up into your lungs and can be dangerous. It will cause shortness of breath, rapid pulse, and difficulty breathing. All of these are signs you need to go to an emergency room immediately.

With the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, officials are concerned about a different kind of blood clot. This clot forms in your brain so the symptoms are different too. These symptoms include severe headache, blurry vision, fainting, trouble speaking, and seizures. Remember, the likelihood of having one of these blood clots after the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is extremely rare, like one in a million, but if something seems seriously off and you just received your Johnson & Johnson shot within the last couple of weeks, make sure to call your doctor.


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