By Sara Powers

(CBS DETROIT) – Being home during the pandemic presented a lot of changes for people everywhere. One of those changes was that people were less active than usual since they were stuck inside their homes. Because of this, their pets were often less active during this time as well.

A proposed law that is set to pass in Germany this year would require dog owners to walk their dogs twice a day for at least one hour in total. This proposed law is based on evidence that many of the country’s 9.4 million dogs are not getting enough exercise.

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Lack of exercise can negatively impact a pet’s health, including restlessness, boredom, frustration, increased risk of weight gain, and withdrawal from daily activities.

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The pet product review and tip site conducted a study to see if Americans also feel that pet owners need to take more responsibility for their pet’s health. 3,000 respondents participated, and the study found that one-fifth (20%) of Michiganders think there should be a state law that enforces dog owners to walk their dogs at least once a day to ensure they receive enough exercise.

More than 34% of Michigan respondents also said if they noticed a neighbor who never allowed their dog to exercise, they would report them to authorities.

In terms of other states, those in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Mississippi felt strongly about this idea, with 50% agreeing. In comparison, those in Massachusetts felt least strongly, with only 9% in agreement.

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The poll also found that 43% of people believe dog owners who don’t walk their pets should receive a life ban from owning pets.

Nearly 1 in 5 of the respondents think owners that don’t walk their dogs should be subject to criminal law rather than civil.

Some other interesting findings from the study:

  • 19% of respondents think a law should be introduced limiting people from owning more than 3 dogs.
  • 54% of people think tying up dogs for over an hour should be illegal.

To see the results for the respondents, based on state, view this infographic that put together.

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