By Bria Brown

MULLIKEN, Mich. (AP) — A man suspected of driving a stolen pickup truck was fatally shot Wednesday by a sheriff’s deputy, west of Lansing, state police said.

The shooting involved an Ionia County officer but occurred just over the county line in Mulliken in Eaton County, about 25 miles from Lansing.

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“There was a traffic stop with a stolen vehicle,” state police Lt. Brian Oleksyk said. “There was some sort of collision and there was a shooting.”

No other details about the incident were immediately released.

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A window was broken on a porch at a nearby home, possibly because of gunfire, owner Abby Staley said.

“Heard a crash and then a bunch of pops, gunshots,” Staley told WOOD-TV. “Again, not normal around here. … I’m kind blank at this moment, you know. It’s overwhelming.”

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