(CBS DETROIT) – A national resource for alcohol and substance abuse treatment, DrugAbuse.com, surveyed 3,200 Americans to find out how many had formed better habits during the pandemic and why.

The results showed that over 1 in 10 Michiganders gave up alcohol or drastically cut down since the beginning of the pandemic. Two of the main reasons behind this result have to do with socializing.

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Credit: DrugAbuse.com

26% of the participants who said they had cut down on drinking over the past year explained that not going out for after-work drinks with colleagues played a significant factor. In addition to this, 32% of participants said the lack of regularly seeing their drinking buddies prompted them to cut down.

When it comes to those who stopped drinking alcohol completely, the study showed:

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  • 52% said to be healthier
  • 28% said to save money
  • 14% said they got bored of alcohol
  • 3% said to improve relationships with friends and family

From this selection of participants, 28% said that they will go back to drinking alcohol when bars reopen, after-work drinking starts to happen again, and when they go on vacation.

For more information and resources on alcohol and drug abuse, visit DrugAbuse.com.

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