(CBS DETROIT)– This week the state of Michigan hit another phase in the reopening process and now there are no capacity limits for outdoor venues and gatherings, while indoor gatherings are increased to 50% capacity, but does this restriction ease concern doctors?

“We do have some concerns , its not going to be that masks are no more because the mask mandate probably is going to go away unless we somehow get a massive surge between now and then,” said Dr. Matthew Sims, Director of Infectious Disease Research for Beaumont Health

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By then, Dr. Sims means July 1st when almost all COVID orders will be lifted in the State. He says doctors are not as concerned about those vaccinated, but for those still hesitate to get the shot,

“Unvaccinated people still need to use masks, vaccinated people can stop using masks,” Dr. Sims said.

Dr. Sims says this is to protect everyone whether vaccinated or not because the COVID variants are still present in Michigan, and there may be even more in the future.

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“The UK variant the B117 that’s the most common strain actually right now in Michigan. Or the next variant the one we don’t know about yet the one that’s deadlier or really spreads more easily, or that the vaccine doesn’t protect us against,” said Dr. Sims.

He says the vaccines are protecting against the current variants but just advises everyone to be vigilant, especially when it comes to protecting kids under the age of 12 who are not yet able to receive the vaccine.

The CDC says COVID vaccines for kids under 12 should be available soon, for now Dr. Sims says those unvaccinated including kids age 2 and up should wear masks while in public.

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