(CBS) – In The Dark, The CW’s successful drama starring Perry Mattfeld, returns this Wednesday night at 9/8c. In The Dark follows Murphy Mason, a blind woman in her 20s dealing with the fallout and trying to uncover the truth behind behind her friend’s murder.

CBS’ Matt Weiss spoke to Mattfeld about the show’s upcoming third season, already being renewed for a fourth season and which of her castmates is her absolute favorite.

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MW: Hey Perry, nice to see you again! Third season of In The Dark premieres Wednesday night on The CW at 9/8c. You’ve already been picked up for a fourth season as well so congratulations on that!. What was your reaction when you got the news?

PM: I mean, it says a lot. They’re willing to pick up a season before they’ve even seen one episode. I think for us, it’s a relief. The fact that we get to keep going and we don’t have to say goodbye to this story, or these characters yet is the best feeling in the world. It’s like going from sophomore year to junior year of college or something, knowing that you see the same people again. It’s the best deal.

MW: Murphy is someone that you’ve gotten time now to grow with and to explore her more as a character, she’s a very different woman than she was in season one, episode one. What’s it been like developing her throughout the years?

PM: I talk about it with our showrunner Corinne all the time, as this show reinvents itself, it’s almost like you can pick up Murphy and throw her anywhere and there’d be a story. She’s enough. We always talk about the stakes, get higher and higher and higher. We would joke on set that when our directors say, just remember those stakes, it’s like, okay, well, the stakes can’t get any higher! [Laughs]

There’s the heroin, there are murders everywhere. There are no higher stakes than this. What’s so different and special about season three is seeing how much we followed this very independent unapologetic woman, and yet in season three, I think she realizes her dependence on the people around her. Jess and Max and Felix, those are her people and they’re all indebted to each other because of what they’ve gone through together. You separate them and you separate Murphy and she’s helpless.

MW: We’ve seen heroin, we’ve seen murder. Season three taking off tomorrow night, what are we going to see?

PM: They have to run. These are kids, they’re not seasoned criminals. These kids that are running from the cops and it’s messy and it’s goofy and it’s imperfect and flawed. You have this ensemble that you were rooting for, but at the same time you have Josh and Gene who are the ones that start looking for them in season three, they’re the ultimate good guys. It’s hard to know who to root for in season three, but I won’t give any more.

MW: No, tell us everything. [Laughs] You’re also a producer on the show this season. I’m sure that’s changed your role a bit…

PM: It was really validating for me. I live and breathe In The Dark especially when we’re filming in Toronto, just because I’m away from home. I guess for me, I was like, what else can I do? I’m here every day. It gives me as much as I give back in my opinion. It was just kind of an extra voice for our cast and our actors. An extra voice from someone that’s on the floor and on the battlefield. I got a lot of support from my cast. But it’s just me saying, what else can I do.

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MW: Very cool. Another thing that I love about the show is having Murphy as a blind lead character, I’m curious, what kind of feedback, if any, you’ve gotten from that community about having that representation?

PM: I think what makes me feel the best when people reach out to me and say that they either people with vision loss or people who are blind say they appreciate having someone with a disability or like, we like to say differently-abled. Just seeing someone who is differently-able to still get the guy, be confident, speak up for themselves; it’s nice to see someone like that who isn’t portrayed as weak. I always appreciate when people message me and just say that they love having a strong character like that.

MW: Last question, before I let you go here. I want to know who’s your favorite castmate and why is it Pretzel?

PM: [Laughs] I see what you did. There’s a line that Murphy says in season two, she’s like, something about why she loves dogs so much because they don’t talk, they just love you. I mean, how can you not. He’s Pretzel! He smells good, his breath smells good, he walks perfect, he eats perfectly. He just… everything about him.

I’m so in love with that dog. I’m so lucky that I get to see him every day and bond with him every day.  Pretzel is not a guide dog, he’s an actor dog, but being able to try to mimic how a guide dog moves and try to teach him how to act, just like I’m acting is also really special.

MW: Very cool, well next time you see him give him a pat on the head for me

PM: I will, we’ve been through a lot of firsts together, me and that dog. I always have him. It’s the best, thank you.

MW: Thank you so much, Perry. It’s been awesome to talk to you and all the best!

PM: Thank you, you too!

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In The Dark airs on The CW, Wednedays at 9/8c. Check your local listings for more information.