(CBS DETROIT)– As clean up efforts continue in Armada after Saturday’s tornado touched down in the area, the one thing residents are saying is, although destruction has come through their small town, it’s brought them closer together.

Mother nature wreaked havoc on Armada Saturday evening, but her destruction didn’t break the towns spirits, instead it’s showing the true nature of some neighbors.

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“A few people come out grilling all day, we’ve been out here pretty much 9 to 9 every day kinda helping where we can,” said business owner Justin Sebra.

What Sebra said, pretty much has been the response from people we spoke with in Armada Tuesday, everyone chipping in where they can to help out their fellow neighbor.

Sebra owns Armade In Michigan, the Market that features hand made products by local Artisans sits on the corner of Main and Fulton in downtown Armada. Unlike others in the area the business didn’t get the brunt of the damage, but did lose its brand-new roof.

“Our entire roof got lifted off and thrown over here,” Sebra said.

Sebra says thankfully no one was home when the roof from his building crashed through a nearby house.

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His business like many others had no power Tuesday morning, but instead of letting meats and items spoil, he and neighboring businesses having been grilling in Memorial Park on Fulton, providing thousands of meals for residents and workers.

“After a crisis like this with a tornado for people to say you know what, there’s an uplifting spirit here, it’s surprising but it is, that’s the thing I see most when I walk around this town, not the damage,” said Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel.

Hackel assessed the area Tuesday along with the Emergency Management Director Brandon Lewis.

He says there’s no way of telling yet the dollar amount of the damage, but says it will probably be in the millions. He says about 3-5 homes and a handful of businesses have serious damage, but thankfully there were no injuries

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