(CBS DETROIT)- Its move in day on the campus of Wayne State University, students are excited as they get prepared for their brand-new school norm.

Detroiter Samuel Pickens may be just steps from home, but he’s embarking on a long, exciting journey.

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“Very excited, its been along time coming a lot of anticipation a lot of visions and a lot of goals,” said incoming WSU Freshman Samuel Pickens.

Like hundreds of other students Pickens is moving into his dorm, but for this freshman he’s entering college at a very peculiar time.

“It’s a little weird, but that’s with anything new,” said Pickens.

Weird Pickens says, having to wear a mask indoors while trying to meet new people. Indoor universal mask wear is required for everyone at the University regardless of vaccination status.

Students and staff are also required to be vaccinated against COVID, something Pickens said didn’t sit well at first with him.

“I kinda had to bite the bullet and say you know what I mean, I gotta get it,” Pickens said.

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Other students we spoke with embracing the campus conditions and requirements.

“I’m really glad the school’s kinda embracing that, because personally I feel a lot more comfortable with everyone wearing masks,” said WSU incoming Freshman Asher Comes.

Staff and students are also required to complete a daily campus screener each day before coming to campus. Visitors must also complete a screener.

It’ll all take some getting use to, and Pickens says he’s up for it.

“Get to learn the ropes, and you get to figure it out and you persevere,” said Pickens

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