By Sara Powers

FLINT, Michigan (WNEM) – Destructive fires are on the rise in a mid-Michigan neighborhood.

Over the past year, homes, buildings, and most recently an abandoned school have all been set on fire, and residents tell TV5, enough is enough.

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“It blew my windows in. I mean my house was on fire, that was pretty damn scary,” said Edna Sabucco.

Sabucco, a resident, recalls an arson fire at a vacant lot next door in 2012. This month, she said there have been three fires in her eastside Franklin Park neighborhood in Flint.

“It makes me feel frustrated for many reasons,” Sabucco said.

Sabucco is one of many residents in support of forming a citizens group to patrol the area.

Lisa Squier, secretary for the Eastside Franklin Park Neighborhood Association, is doing what she can to get eyes on these abandoned structures.

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“We’re trying to get enough people together to periodically drive by, check on the properties, just to see if we notice anybody there that shouldn’t be there,” Squier said.

As TV5 reported earlier this month, Washington Elementary school burned down. Squier said it’s stressful every time there’s a fire.

“We’re scrambling to check on our neighbors. We’re trying to make sure that it’s going to be at least contained enough that none of us are in danger,” Squier said. “Stop setting fires like this. People could get injured or killed especially in this neighborhood where so many are disabled or older.”

As for Sabucco, despite the close call nine years ago, she said she has no plans to leave the neighborhood she loves.

“I’ve raised my family here. I have my grandchildren here. This is where my friends are. And you know I feel safe,” Sabucco said.

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