By Cryss Walker

(CBS DETROIT) – Romulus City Councilmember Virginia Williams claims someone is playing dirty politics and the mudslinging is getting personal.

“Yesterday morning, to wake up and deal with this it’s like, so every time there’s an election and I give my opinion I’m gone be violated,” Williams said.

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Williams says it all started in 2020. She says when the election season kicked off, she became a target.

They threw black paint all over the back of the house,” Williams explained.

“They poured it into my central air unit.”

Williams says she called Romulus Police on four separate occasions, after her home and cars were vandalized, leaving her with a total of $70,000 in damages.

They vandalized all the patio furniture,” Williams said.

“They destroyed they destroyed the glass table. They destroyed the umbrella. August of 2020, they egged every vehicle in the driveway. So, it was at least five vehicles in the driveway got egged.”

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But now with the November 2nd election right around the corner, she says the harassment is rearing its ugly head, again.

The councilwoman says she believes her billboard on Ecorse Road was defaced early Sunday morning.

Normally, on a normal year when there’s no local election, nothing happens. So, you tell me why is it that I’m only being attacked when it’s a local election,” the councilwoman said.

Williams is telling CW50 this is the fifth time she’s been preyed upon, and she just wants the intimidation tactics to stop.

I don’t believe that no resident, no voter, or no human should be intimidated or threatened or harassed on who they support, what their beliefs are, because this is America,” Williams said.

We’ve reached out to the Romulus Police Department for an update on the investigation, but no one was available to talk.

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