KALAMAZOO, Mich. (AP) — A teacher in southwestern Michigan said he’s on a one-week hunger strike outside his school to draw attention to climate change.

Josh Gottlieb said he took a week off without pay to sit outside Kalamazoo Central High School this week. Some students and other teachers have dropped by to support him.

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“It’s all of our problem,” said freshman Giuliana Bush.

Giuliana held a sign that said, “We are called Gen Z because we are the LAST generation!!!”

Gottlieb told MLive.com that he will continue his hunger strike and protest through Sunday, when the United Nations climate summit begins in Scotland.

He said political conflict in the U.S. means President Joe Biden isn’t bringing much to the conference.

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“We need the U.S. to be in a position of leadership and strength to contribute to this thing, and instead we’re going in on our knees with our tail between our legs,” Gottlieb said.

Paul Clements, a professor at Western Michigan University, visited Gottlieb.

“The fundamental issue here is if the advanced countries — particularly like the United States — don’t take that responsibility, there’s no way that the Chinas and Indias and other countries of the world are going to get on board,” said Clements, who is teaching a class with a climate change theme.

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