EAST LANSING, Mich. (AP) — The fires are out, but the destruction in East Lansing on Halloween weekend could haunt college students and others.

Police asked for the public’s help Tuesday in identifying people responsible for couch and mattress fires and other damage Saturday after Michigan State defeated Michigan in a stirring battle of top 10 teams.

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“It is unfortunate that this post needs to be made,” East Lansing police said on Facebook, sharing videos and photos from postgame incidents, including the flipping of a parked vehicle as witnesses cheered.

The face of a young man who kicked in the windshield can be seen in photos.

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“The East Lansing Fire Department responded to 57 calls for service involving fires throughout the city, in gridlock traffic, while still having to respond to a total of 142 calls for service,” police said.

“This behavior is not acceptable, and suspects identified will be located and held responsible,” police said.

Anyone with information can call (517) 319-6834.

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