(CBS DETROIT)– High profile attorney Geoffrey Fieger says chances are school officials in Oxford will not be held criminally responsible for the Oxford shooting, however; he’s hitting them hard in the pockets with a multi-million dollar federal lawsuit.

“We’re going to hold people responsible for betraying the trust we put in them to protect our children,” said attorney Geoffrey Fieger.

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During a press conference Thursday Fieger discuss the filing of two $100 million lawsuits against the Oxford Community School District and several Oxford High School staff.

“There is a responsibility among teachers, counselors, and school administrators who could easily, easily have prevented and stopped this slaughter,” Fieger said.

Fieger says accused Oxford High School shooter Ethan Crumbley was obviously disturbed and homicidal, based on drawings he made depicting students being shot, among other disturbing actions he says school official’s were aware of prior to the shooting.

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In the lawsuit Fieger is representing the Franz family, who’s 17-year-old daughter Riley was shot in the neck during the massacre and her sister 14 year old Bella who was not injured but, witnessed her sister get shot during the tragic event that left 4 of their classmates dead.

“This should have been a time in which they’re preparing for Christmas vacation, instead Riley’s spending her time convalescing, impacting a wound with a neck wound with less than 2% of people who suffer that wound survive and Bella’s been literally traumatized as if she was surviving in a war zone,” Fieger said.

School official’s have not yet responded to the suit

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