CBS Local – If you’re in the mood for a holiday flick without the same cookie-cutter plot, Comedy Central has what you’re looking for with “Hot Mess Holiday”. Premiering Saturday, December 11th, the film stars Surina Jindal and Melanie Chandra, two real-life besties who also served as executive producers alongside co-star Kal Penn, writer Sameer Gardezi and director, Jaffar Mahmood.

“This is the core creative team that came together to really get the creative pitch-perfect,” said Jindal.

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So what makes this holiday film different? Chandra summarized the plot in a few lines:

“It takes place over the course of Diwali, which is this Indian festival of lights. Mel gets dumped by her cheating boyfriend, so her best friend Surina comes to the rescue, saying ‘I need to take you on this weekend banger all throughout Chicago.’ So they party hard and they get involved into a diamond caper and then things just explode from there.”

Jindal and Chandra admit that their characters in “Hot Mess Holiday” are pretty similar to them In real life.

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“We’re each other’s yin and yang,” said Chandra. “I’m this super type-A, like my apartment in real life is like white furniture, white rugs. I will get mad if you walk in with your shoes.”

Jindal relates to her character as well calling herself a “nomad” just like the movie. “I moved out of my apartment in New York in May and I’ve been a nomad since. So is Surina in the movie, so it’s a little too close to reality.”

The two say viewers can expect a steady stream of cameos in the star-studded cast, including Titus Burgess and Chris Parnell. Kal Penn, who plays himself,  shows up throughout the story offering advice, a listening ear, and of course, delivers some pretty big laughs.

“Hot Mess Holiday” premieres December 11th on Comedy Central.

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