By DeJanay Booth

(CBS Detroit) — It’s National Chocolate Covered Anything Day. That means it’s your time to figure out what tastes good dipped in chocolate.

According to, here are some things you can do to satisfy your craving:

  • Support a local chocolatier
    • With the rise of commercial chocolate production, it’s been lost on many just how difficult and delicate the art of chocolate making is. Find a chocolatier and give something new a try. You may realize the expertise, creativity, and boldness of an artist committed to pushing the boundaries in chocolate making is a different, and better, experience entirely than the same old bar you always buy.
  • Have a dipping party
    • For a real holiday treat, get a group of friends together to split the cost of a chocolate fondue fountain — you can rent them or buy them. At the party, have on hand the basics, like fruit, cookies, and marshmallows, but also encourage your guests to bring something wacky to try dipped in chocolate. Steak? Pickles? Bugs? Anything goes at a chocolate dipping party.
  • Have a photoshoot
    • Christmas is a little over a week away, the house is decorated, and the whole family is in town for a party, so why not break out the camera with your colorful chocolate treats? Strawberries, bananas, kiwis, cherries, and orange slices are all rich in color in addition to taste, so incorporating these into your holiday snapshots could add a little more spice to your Christmas photos.

Thursday, Dec. 16, is National Chocolate Covered Anything Day (credit: Getty Images)

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, dark chocolate has some health benefits, such as increased heart rate, balancing the immune system, combating diabetes, improving brain function, boosting athletic performance and reducing stress.

Although chocolate cravings are viewed as having negative effects, health officials say it doesn’t have to be if you set terms such as being mindful of when and why you’re eating chocolate. Experts say it’s important not to associate chocolate with guilt.

Experts say a healthy relationship with chocolate “helps you enjoy it in moderation and without guilt, rather than cycling between trying to completely avoid it and then overdoing it.”

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