Michigan health leaders and physicians provided a COVID-19 update Tuesday and as we’ve been hearing, cases are at an all-time pandemic high.

“We’re now at a point that we have not seen through this pandemic, this is the highest number of weekly cases we have ever had 129, 937 weekly cases in Michigan,” said Chief Medical Executive for the State of Michigan Dr. Natasha Bagdasarian.

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Doctors say this does not include those who test positive at home. Right now 21.9% of inpatient beds are COVID positive, with the highest group testing positive in their 20’s and 30’s. There’s also been a major increase in pediatric cases. Doctors say most children experience mild symptoms but they are seeing more severe cases.

“Many of these children have serious heart dysfunction the children we have cared for with COVID pneumonia, myocarditis, and multi system organ syndrome have often required a various of medical treatments,” said Pediatric Critical Care Physician at Children’s Hospital of Michigan Dr. Lauren Yagiela, MD, MS.

Currently 107 children are hospitalized with COVID in the state, with on average 22 new daily hospitalizations, up 66% from the week of December 20th.

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Based on recent data Doctors say cases of COVID-19 are likely to peak between the end January and beginning of February.

“This surge is not like previous surges we’re expecting to see many, many more cases,” said Dr. Bagdasarian.

What doctors say they want to prevent are more hospitalization’s and deaths. They say with continued proper masks wear, vaccines, boosters and testing, cases can start to decline.

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