(CBS DETROIT)– Through art work, sculptures, even artifacts, every piece displayed at ‘The Work of Our Hands: Black Women as Cornerstone of Culture’ exhibit, tells a story.

“We are so diverse, there’s so many different shades of black people and the women in this show represent all the different schools of thought, all the different approaches to telling our individual stories,” said Carl Wilson, Curator of ‘The Work of Our Hands’ Exhibit.

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Wilson says the exhibit that was inspired by his mother a strong black woman, features 9 Detroit female artist, like Sabrina Nelson, who uses her creativity to educate people on the struggles of black women.

“Just talking about the murder of black and brown children and how they’re not valued in this community, in this world, in this nation, so they are easily expendable,” said Sabrina Nelson who refers to herself as an ‘Artivist’, Artist and Activist.

Nelson says her main piece represents the black mother who has to cope with the impossible of burying their child.

Another piece she has may appear to just be a black dress, but it also tells a story, one that is not just unique to her grandmother who owned it.

“How she was really falling apart inside she had a lot of traumas and most women of color who live in urban areas like Detroit, like Philadelphia, like DC like Chicago they go through a lot,” Nelson said.

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Including having the opportunity to make their mark in history.

In it’s over 100 year existence, this is the first all black, all women showcase at the Scarab Art Club in Detroit’s Cultural Center.

“It’s kind of jarring to me to think that in 2022 we’re still having these kinds of first, but I’m still very happy that I can be a part of this,” said artist Mandisa Smith.

The Work of Our Hands: Black Women as Cornerstone of Culture art exhibition opens at the Scarab Club located at 217 Farnsworth Street on Friday, February 4, 2022, from 5:00 – 9:00pm. The exhibition will run from February 4 through February 26, 2022.

For more information please visit online at  ScarabClub.org or by phone at 313-831-1250.

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