Body camera video from the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office shows a gun drawn on a group of teenagers, who deputies say were in the middle of a crime spree.

Deputies say the teens stole multiple vehicles including a construction truck back in March.

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It took the work of four law enforcement agencies to capture three juveniles.

The body camera video gives a look into a police chase that caused multiple accidents and shows how one suspect accidentally got himself off the hook.

Two juveniles speed off in a stolen truck from the construction site on I-94 in Kalamazoo, side-swiping other cars in their way.

Body camera video from the Kalamazoo County sheriff’s office shows it’s the second car stolen by the teenagers in just minutes.

The other car was ditched on Kilgore Road at Portage Street after the video reveals an on-board-vehicle security system shut the car down.

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At the end of the car chase, on Romence Road.  The teens take off running, and then they’re caught.

The video footage shows two suspects being put into police cars, while a third suspect is being stopped by another deputy.

The deputy detained the teen and later took him home. Saying in the video that the kid’s friends sped off without him, saving him from any potential charges.

Sheriff Richard Fuller tells me today that none of the three teenagers were taken to jail. A new Michigan law no longer allows 17-year-olds to be charged as adults.

Fuller also explains that with fewer juveniles coming to jail they’re seeing more repeat offenders within days, committing the same crime.

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