LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Gov. Gretchen Whitmer vetoed legislation that would have required voter registration applications to include a statement that the applicant understands it is a felony to try to vote more than once in the same election.

Her office announced the veto late Friday, after business hours, saying the bill was part of a larger package of election measures that was not negotiated and that aims “to restrict or chill access to the ballot.”

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The Democratic governor has blocked a number of Republican-sponsored election bills over the past seven months, saying they would have perpetuated falsehoods to discredit the 2020 presidential election or made it harder to vote.

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Michigan’s voter registration application must include information such as the person’s name, address, date of birth and, if available, driver’s license or state ID number. It also must include provisions including that the elector is a U.S. citizen, will be 18 by next election and will have established residence for at least 30 days in the city or township. The applicant signs and certifies to the truth of the statements on the application.

The bill was approved by mostly party-line votes in the GOP-controlled Legislature, with some Democrats in support.

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