(CBS DETROIT) — The Department of State issued letters Tuesday to candidates disqualified from the Aug. 2 primary election.

State officials say 15 candidates are disqualified due to defects on their affidavits of identity.

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According to the Michigan Election Law, an affidavit of identity must include “a signed and notarized statement that as of the date of the affidavit, all statements, reports, late filing fees, and fines required of the candidate or any candidate committee organized to support the candidate’s election under the Michigan campaign finance act.”

State Election Law prohibits officials from certifying to the ballot the candidates’ names if affidavits of identity are missing required information or contain false statements.

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Of the 15 candidates disqualified, four candidates are being disqualified because of missing information or information that indicates the candidate is not eligible in the jurisdiction:

  • Faiz Aslam (6th District Representative in Congress)
  • Michael Shallal (57th District Representative in State Legislature)
  • Steven Thomas (31st District State Senator)
  • Howard Weathington (3rd District State Senator)

Eleven candidates have been disqualified because of false statements regarding the candidate’s compliance with the Michigan Campaign Finance Act:

  • Betty Alexander (6th District State Senator)
  • Mellissa Carone (11th District State Senator)
  • Ronald Cole (7th District Representative in State Legislature)
  • Kahlilia Davis (36th District Court Judge)
  • Eddie Kabacinski (14th District Representative in State Legislature)
  • Chris Martin (54B District Court Judge)
  • Vernon Molnar (7th District Representative in State Legislature)
  • Jon Rocha (78th District Representative in State Legislature)
  • Alberta Talabi (3rd District State Senator)
  • Chase Turner (49th District Representative in State Legislature)
  • Lawanda Turner (11th District Representative in State Legislature)

Officials say the 11 candidates had outstanding campaign finance reports or unpaid fines at the time they signed the affidavit of identity. Some candidates paid fines after signing the affidavit or paid their fines before withdrawing the affidavit and filing a new one.

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