(CBS DETROIT) -New laws are in place to protect Michigan students following mass shootings that left parents and kids demanding solutions for security risks.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed House Bill 6012 Friday to fully fund risk assessments, critical incidence mapping and create safety plans in the event of an emergency.

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Former Pontiac City Council President Kermit Williams has been advocating with Oakland Forward End Gun Violence Michigan and to call for Common Sense Gun Laws.

He says the plan is a step in the right direction.

“It was so Important to really not only to talk about the Oxford, but all of the copycats that came out of that and so having that money for safety in schools is so important but that mental health component because in all of these cases, Oxford and all over, there were cries out for help that these people just did not get,” Williams said.

The historic investment in Michigan schools also funds resources to hire and retain mental health professionals, enhance security measures, and provide additional learning opportunities for Oxford Community Schools.

“I think as a people we’re finally we’re finally realizing that mental health really needs to be looked at and worked on and so we got to remove the stigma first, but we also have to realize that our children are dealing with more than we ever dealt with,” Williams explained.

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The $14 million investment will be divided to all schools, including traditional public, intermediate districts, and private schools.

The bill also aims to help Oxford Community Schools recover from last year’s mass shooting.

“We can not stop the momentum. Right now people are upset because of Oxford, because of Buffalo, because of the shootings that are happening around the country but we can’t just get desensitized to it and let this fall by the wayside and be in the same position for another Oxford,” Williams said.


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