By Cryss Walker

(CBS Detroit) – Gas stations make a large percentage of their bread and butter, not at the pump, but on the shelves.

There you can often find your favorite snacks or even household products.

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According to Numerator , a data and tech company, customers are spending 59% more at gas & convenience stores compared to last year.

“Tobacco went up,” said Mobil Manager Cherissa Miller.

“So it’s like, oh my God, I have to pay this amount for some cigarettes and it’s not us. It’s the tobacco company.”

Millers says she’s been managing the Mobil on Linwood and Davison in Detroit for 13 years.

She says she’s never seen prices jump so high, so fast.

“If anything, I think we’re just going to get higher and higher,” Miller said.

“Your milk and eggs. They climbed at least a dollar.”

Miller says items that normally go for a buck or a few cents are seeing at least a 25 percent increase.

“I haven’t seen anything two for a dollar lately,” Miller said.

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“I haven’t seen nothing for a quarter lately. Nothing for 50 cents lately. It’s all been 75 cents and up.”

And the bigger the demand, the harder it is to stock.

“With the heat, water, water is in high demand right now,” Miller said.

“Juices and chips for the kids, candy, stuff like that. ”

As the price to do business continues to rise, customers can expect to absorb the costs.

“We should have listened to our great-grandparents when they were trying to tell us about these days coming,” Miller said.

“We weren’t trying to hear it. We’re here now and we have to get with the program.”


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