Big Brother Season 17 Episode 18 Recap: Going For Big TargetsWe last saw the Big Brother houseguests fighting for this week’s HOH competition from the live eviction episode where Jason was sent packing and Julia entered the house.
Big Brother Season 17 Episode 16 Recap: There’s Gonna Be BloodSquirrels, Emotions and the Outback can pretty much some yesterday’s episode of Big Brother.
Big Brother Season 17 Episode 15 Recap: A Fork In The RoadThe Sixth Sense alliance looks to be crumbling and a “Dark Moon,” alliance has formed.
Big Brother Season 17 Episode 14 Recap: Audrey Is Out"Merry Frickin Christmas,” was the last words said by Audrey Middleton, the 25-year-old Digital Marketing Consultant from Villa Rica, GA during her speech to the houseguests before they voted live.
Big Brother Season 17 Episode 13 Recap: Audrey The Villain Or Victim?Last night’s episode gave me a huge headache because I really couldn’t fathom how boring it was. This week continues to be the get Audrey out of the house campaign.
Big Brother Season 17 Episode 12 Recap: House Full Of SerpentsJackie’s former teammate Jeff is out of the Big Brother house and she is now having to play the game without an ally. Jason suspects with those currently in power he’s the target this week.
Big Brother Season 17 Episode 11 Recap: Jeff's Not So Amazing FinishWith the "blindside" of backdooring Jeff for eviction, he made a last ditch effort to save himself.
Funny Michigan Beer Names From The 2015 Summer Beer Festival In YpsilantiHere's a few of my favorite funny Michigan beer names featured at the 2015 Summer Beer Festival set for Friday and Saturday July 24 and 25 in Ypsilanti, Michigan.
Big Brother Season 17 Episode 10 Recap: Vanessa Takes A GambleGronk's BB Takeover continues and we were treated to a luxury reward competition!
Big Brother Season 17 Episode Nine Recap: Concealing The TruthWell it seems as if one of this season’s biggest twist was finally revealed last week to most of the houseguests and there are two new houseguests in power.
Big Brother Season 17 Episode Eight Recap: Goodbye Mama Da’The truth will set you free and that’s exactly what DaVonne did. Her interview with Julie Chen was great and she wasn’t afraid to tell her how she felt about her fellow houseguests.
Big Brother Season 17 Episode Seven Recap: Is That Too Much To Ask?Last night's episode saw a possible threat to the "twin twist," Ginger Fever was still in effect for the week and the POV was at stake for both John and DaVonne.
Big Brother Season 17 Episode Six: The Elephant in the RoomIt was pretty clear after the live eviction ceremony Thursday that the main target for the house is Audrey.
Big Brother Season 17 Episode Two: An Amazing TwistAfter Wednesday’s premiere episode, last night’s episode could only get better! With so much to talk about even host Julie Chen could barely get her signature “but first,” trademark phrase out.
Big Brother Season 17 Episode One Recap: Time For Something NewThis season of Big Brother, started off with a bang! Julie Chen announced that this season would have three twists in the Big Brother house, consisting of a “fan favorite,” a twist only the viewers would know about and lastly a new twist they’ve named “BB Takeover.”