Oz Exclusive: The Real Story Behind The Adoption Gone Wrong Of Girl With DwarfismHeadlines about Natalia Barnett have sparked debates around the world: is she a 16-year-old girl abandoned by her adoptive parents or an adult sociopath?  In spite of the controversy surrounding her age, Natalia’s living with a new family who wants to adopt her, Antwon and Cynthia Mans, resulting in legal issues for everyone involved.
Avocado Overload! Have We Gone Overboard With Avocados?Diets like keto and paleo, hype avocados as the fat you need, and between avocado toast, chips, and ice cream, there is no shortage of options to consume them.  Today, Dr. Oz asks the question: have we gone overboard with avocados?
Medical Mystery: Something's Killing MeToday, Dr. Oz investigates two medical mysteries that will shock you. One woman shares her story of survival after a sore throat sent her into organ failure and a seven-day coma. We speak to one of the doctors who raced to find a diagnosis as her family watched her condition worsen.
True Crime: What Happened To Kelsey Berreth? Trial Begins For Her Fiancé Patrick FrazeeThe investigation into missing Colorado mom Kelsey Berreth revealed a secret love affair with an alleged plot to commit a brutal murder, masterminded by Kelsey’s fiancé, Patrick Frazee, with the help of his mistress.
Food Crimes No One Should Ever MakeVideos of people promoting and tasting crazy food combinations have taken over social media platforms worldwide.  Today, we investigate some of the bizarre food combos, that some say, should never see the light of day.
Neighbors From Hell Caught On Tape!What happens when your home becomes your greatest fear?  Today, we reveal shocking caught-on-tape encounters with neighbors from hell.
Women Who Look Half Their Age – What They Do, Revealed!Today, Dr. Oz takes a deep dive into your skincare routine. We reveal it all, from at-home secrets that will make you look decades younger to 10-minute transformations you have to see to believe.
True Crime: Man Whose Wife Murdered His New Girlfriend And Then Committed SuicideThe shocking story that made headlines around the world: A betrayed wife secretly records her husband, then shoots his girlfriend before killing herself.
The Search For The Alzheimer’s Cure: Could This Nasal Spray Improve Symptoms In The Brain?A growing number of researchers and clinicians alike are now beginning to refer to Alzheimer's disease as a form of diabetes of the brain.
Revenge! Victim Speaks Out About What Led An Ex-Lapd Cop To Go On A Vengeance-Driven Shooting SpreeToday, Dr. Oz goes inside the shooting rampage of a disgruntled ex-LAPD cop, Christopher Dorner, whose violent acts of revenge sent California authorities on a tireless manhunt that cost officers and innocent civilians their lives.
The Big Hair Investigation: Find Out Why Relaxers, Straighteners And Keratin Treatments Could Send Women To The E.R.!Today, Dr. Oz investigates chemicals in hair products that can have harmful side effects, including damage to your eyes and scalp.  Hair expert Nikki Walton helps clarify what to look out for when going to a salon or using products like relaxers and keratin straighteners.
True Crime Exclusive: Is Adopted Girl Really An Adult Who Tried To Kill The Family Who Took Her In? Dad Speaks OutA couple adopts a six-year-old Ukrainian orphan, only to discover that she may not be as young as she says. Today, Michael Barnett, the girl’s adoptive father, breaks his silence about how he believes this child is actually an adult and a sociopath.
Food Fact Check: Eggs - The Answer To The “Are Eggs Healthy” DebateThere is no shortage of questions when it comes to eggs: Are they still bad for your cholesterol or heart?  Are they protein heroes you should eat every day, and what about the yolk?
Ancestry Test Bombshells: Can This Medium Get Answers From The Dead?Roughly 26 million people have swabbed and sent their DNA to find out about their ancestors and lineage.  For most, the results verify what they already know.  For others, it can uncover a past of secrets, betrayal, and lies.
True Crime: What Made Her Snap? Insta-Perfect Mom Kills Her 2 Adult Children In Apparent Murder-SuicideIt’s the murder-suicide mystery that’s shocked the nation: a renowned physician who often posted globe-trotting photos on social media, shot and killed her two adult children and then turned the gun on herself.